About Cooper

10 things about Cooper

Want to get to know our little bundle of fluff? Here are a few things we can tell you about Cooper!

  1. Cooper was born in November 2016, as one of four gorgeous pups
  2. Life began in Doncaster, England before travelling to his forever home in Leicestershire
  3. His favourite outings include going to the park with his ball and exploring the nearby fields
  4. Food of choice is Guru Pet Food and his favourite flavour is Surf n Turf
  5. Current treats being enjoyed are various Wagg flavours, delicious gravy bones or Top Collar biscuits
  6. Cooper’s best friends include his cousin Angus, a Great Dane, and Toby, a Springer Spaniel
  7. Monday nights are reserved for Obedience Training with Julie from Paws On dog training
  8. His other favourite things include napping, chewing bones and snuggles on the sofa
  9. Cooper spends his days with his pawrents or at doggy daycare with his new friends #squadgoals
  10. We’re all trying our best at Agility Training and hope to master the ‘dog walk’ and ‘weaving’ in 2018!