Introducing: Sarah & Audrey

This week on ‘Introducing…’ we’ve got the lovely Sarah and her dog, Audrey the Schnauzer, who hail from beautiful Scotland. Let the interview commence…

Hiya, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am Sarah, I’m 32 and I live in beautiful North Berwick, on the east coast of Scotland. I
recently left a career in tennis coaching, and I am now putting all of my efforts into my new dog-friendly travel blog. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. My blog is called Blog On A Dog, we love getting new readers, so you’re all very welcome! You can also find us on social media too; you can follow on Instagram and Twitter.


How exciting! Tell us more about your lovely dog…

Audrey is my pepper and salt miniature schnauzer. She is 5 years old, and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She has her own Instagram account (@audreyschnauzer) which you can follow here.

Audrey is the first dog that I or anyone in my immediate family has ever owned. I actually used to be pretty scared of dogs believe it or not! Audrey loves being with people, doesn’t matter whether its indoors or outdoors, she just loves having company. Her favourite thing in life is food! She will eat pretty much anything but has a soft spot for carrots, cheese, chicken, pears, satsumas and banana. She does not like fireworks and is terrified of kites (no idea where that came from!).


What is your favourite thing to do together?

Audrey loves walkies of any kind. We visit lots of dog-friendly hotels, cafes and attractions together for the blog. Audrey is getting used to staying in hotels, and has worked out that she gets more treats than normal for good behaviour when we are away!


We have recently started doing some training for tricks, which we neglected for years. We have got into a very consistent routine of using half of her meals for training. She seems to love it, and I find it fun too. It’s very good for our relationship.

Do you have any favourite dog-friendly places you enjoy visiting?

We recently had a trip to the Cotswolds which is a firm favourite as it is very dog-friendly and all of the towns are so beautiful. You can read reviews from our trip on our blog.

In North Berwick, we love going to Steampunk which is a local coffee shop, eating out or having a drink at The Herringbone on the high street in North Berwick, and trying not to spend all of my money at The Great Escape.


What are the 5 things neither of you would leave the house without?

  1. Poop bags and lead. For obvious reasons!
  2. Lots of dog treats, for general bribing purposes
  3. My phone. Got to keep up on Instagram!
  4. Audreys’ collar. I recently got Audrey a new one from Bramble and Friends, which is a local Scottish company and we love it
  5. Money. Just common sense!



Are there any brands you’d like to work with?

We are not yet at the stage of working with brands. At the moment we just want to
concentrate on building up our blog and keeping it as objective as we can. But, as has been said before, if someone wants to give us a car in return for a few photos, we would not say no!

+ + + + +

Thanks for taking the time to join us, Sarah. It’s been wonderful to learn more about you and Audrey through this interview and we look forward to following your dog-friendly adventures.

Fiona and Cooper 🐾