Introducing: Charlene & Arthur

This week on ‘Introducing…’, we’re catching up with our super-active friend, Charlene and awesome pupster, Arthur.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Charlene and I live in London with my husband Andy. I work in an office as a project manager but my main hobbies are running and triathlons. I am a personal trainer in my free time for friends and we just love being busy outdoors! I’m working towards 30 marathons before I turn 30 next year.


Now tell us about your lovely pooch, Arthur

Arthur is a dark brown F1 Cockapoo puppy, who came to his forever family in October 2017. We fell in love with Arthur instantly when we spotted his white tummy and white tip on his tail and when he yipped at us in the kennel – it was love at first sight!

Although Arthur doesn’t have his own Instagram account he features heavily on mine which is focused around getting others fit and into exercise (@thecardiochameleon). So far Arthur has run a mile with me and when his puppy legs grow I’m hoping he will become a regular training buddy – he is certainly quicker than me already! Our aim is for Arthur to finish a Parkrun with Andy or I before the end of the year.


What is your favourite thing to do together? 

Our favourite thing actually is train journeys together up to Edinburgh. We had Arthur on a train from a fairly early age and so he sees it as being a very exciting experience where he is allowed to sit on our laps and get cuddles for 4 continuous hours. Normally at home after 30 mins cuddling he will be off exploring the flat hunting for socks but on the train, he is happy to just relax and catch up on his beauty sleep!

Arthur has recently started to enjoy fetch but I think it may take a while for him to realise he has to return the ball to me for him to get it thrown again…

Which dog-friendly places do you enjoy visiting?

Our favourite park so far in London has been Regent’s Park and there are nice pubs and cafes around that allow dogs which is great. But probably our best walks have been when we have taken him to Scotland or York and he has been able to go wild exploring new smells – one lodge we stayed in had badgers in the evening and I think he could then smell their trails during the day.


Name 5 things neither of you would leave the house without?

  1. Mobile phone, for endless photos!
  2. Poo bags
  3. Treats
  4. Extendable lead
  5. A water bottle – the one we have flips down into a drinking plate for Arthur

If you could work with any brand, who or what would it be? And why?

We’d love to work with lots of brands. At the moment Puppia Harnesses have been our favourite purchase. It just feels like it’s comfy on him and he seems to get so excited to wear it, unlike other harnesses we have bought him. I’d also say Pets at Home have been a great help to us as a new dog owner; they’ve offered good bits of advice and haven’t ever acted like a chain – you get a personal service and the dogs get given attention when they visit!

+ + + + +

Thanks for taking the time to join us, Charlene. It’s been brilliant learning more about you and Arthur through this interview and we look forward to following your fitness goals and travel adventures.

Fiona and Cooper 🐾